fac·tion    /ˈfakSH(ə)n/

A faction is an organized group of people within a larger group, which opposes some of the ideas of the larger group and fights for its own ideas. 

play   /plā/


Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

“When we think about it, playgrounds are where many of us had unconsciously created no limits or rules. Playfulness and fun was once the purpose and over time, that had gone missing. This was why Faction Play was formed. I wanted a platform built for freedom and creativity at its highest form. Faction Play is a community where PLAY, love and purpose are encouraged.” 

Chester Okeke, Founder

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When we are young, we are encouraged to play.
To use our imagination and live in the moment.
Somewhere between then, we have lost our play. 
Follow these rules. Get a job. 
Be just like them and maybe they'll like you.
Theres a saying…”We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old, because we stop playing.”
So don’t stop. Continue to play. 
Fellowship. Love. Grow. Continue to learn.
Never loose your imagination and curiosity for life.
Be forever young. 
Forever Play.

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Your health is the best investment to yourself. No matter what your goal is we can help you get there with our world class PlayMakers. 

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Play is the highest form of research

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