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Chester Okeke


Over the years, movement started from being a part of teams ranging from sports to corporate working environments. There was the athletic playing and training side, but the real movement for me was communication and leadership skills I developed during those years. For most of my life, I continuously found myself in leadership roles. From leading defenses to managing banks and their portfolios. I entered the health and wellness industry and over a few years accumulated a vast network full of CEO’s and business owners. Those experiences have cultivated this amazing journey.


While working in the corporate gym space I began rewriting all the rules through demonstration and providing excellent customer service. I knew there was something more than serving as an individual. God gave me a gift to attract and build with other leaders. I strive to foster an atmosphere where egos are left at the door and make room for fearless innovation, creativity and purpose. I made a decision to create a new platform just for that.


When we think about it, playgrounds are where many of us had unconsciously created no limits or rules. Playfulness and fun was once the purpose and over time, that had gone missing. This was how Faction Play was formed. I wanted a platform built for freedom and creativity at its highest form. Faction Play is a community where PLAY, love and purpose is encouraged. 


What is life without sacrifice? 

What is life without change and struggle? 

What is life without PLAY?

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