Darrence Griffin

Director of Strength Training

Fitness saved my life. Drowning in alcoholism, I was introduced to fitness as a way to combat my addiction and haven't looked back since. I have been training for 12+ years, I have been severely overweight and also severely underweight, unhealthy on both sides. I am a Marine Corps Veteran and I served for over 10 years. I started off as a powerlifter and strength and conditioning coach, and became a combat conditioning specialist for the Marine Corps. I've competed as a bodybuilder and became a professional bodybuilding athlete with my own training and nutritional expertise.

I take pride in my work which ranges from muscle building, weight loss, performance, sport specific, general fitness, endurance, self defense, functional movement, unconventional training, whatever type of program needed that will also help you increase and maintain mobility and flexibility which are important in any training regimen. A lot of my training and coaching methods are unorthodox and unconventional so you will be pushed like never before. I pride myself in not being a fitness clone. I will teach you how to use your BODY, in conjunction with your MIND to achieve your fitness goals. 

"Find your FOCUS, PROCEED with confidence, FINISH strong, ACCOMPLISH anything!"

Contact information

Instagram: weightupfaithup