Group Play

Faction Play Group Training

Recess is in Session

Our classes are held in the brand new exclusive Self Made Dallas Training Facility. Our group play sessions are meant to enhance your overall meaning of becoming a better human being. You’ll be surrounded by hardworking successful life driven cerebral thinkers.

Play Essentials

Full Body Workout

The name says it all, Essentials!  That's exactly what you'll be getting in this Play time. Here is where we offer up high intensity movement patterns that not only makes you sweat but also mobilizes and strengthens your overall movement foundation! 

60 min Play packages

  • Unlimited

  • 10 Play Sessions

  • 5 Play Sessions

30 min Play packages

  • Unlimited

  • 10 Play Sessions

  • 5 Play Sessions

Small Cakes to Perky Glutes

Glute Focused Workout

Glutes are the biggest most powerful muscle group in the human body. Also, they control wide range of functional movements. Build your best glutes!

45 min class packages

  • Unlimited

  • 10 Play Sessions

  • 5 Play Sessions

Group Play Schedule

Want Play Time More Personalized?

We offer 1:1 and semi-private play sessions for a deeper personalized time to really target your personal health and fitness goals.

Corporate Fitness Programs

Our PlayMakers speak to corporations, companies, schools and many other groups that are seeking fresh approaches on how to live their most efficient lives.

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Play is the highest form of research

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