Faction Play Darrence Griffin
We utilize breathing techniques, proper movement prep and explore different movement patterns to challenge and strengthen our bodies functionality. We utilize bands, balls, body weight and many other toys to get the job done. It’s play time with purpose. 
Functional Training

Yeah, a pretty overused term. Let's look beyond the term itself. Let's deal with the essence of it! Which is what Faction Play works to do.  We provide space, information and tools to decrease disfunction and increase as much appropriate functionality as possible. You may want to climb that mountain, play with your kids longer, join that MMA class, run that marathon. Whatever it may be you're looking FUNCTION in, we want to provide you with the foundation and confidence to get you started or elevate your experience. 


We look and work beyond the idea of temporary "gain" (however, we appreciate its place and importance) and focus on the mind body connection. We want you to move well, think clearly and feel better overall . Not just for the moment but for the long hall. What that looks like here at Faction Play is breath-work, nervous system and restorative practices as well as myofacial work! Just a few tools we employ to build aid in us building that longevity! 


We view this concept from more of an integrated perspective. Our goal is to address the body as a whole. That's musculature, mind body connection, joint health, tissue and neuromuscular behaviors. So, when we say "bodybuilding" we are referencing it in its totality.

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Ready to Play?

Your health is the best investment to yourself. No matter what your goal is we can help you get there with our world class PlayMakers. 

Faction Play 1:1 Training

Semi Private and 1:1 Play Sessions

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Group Play Sessions