We are now offering online group classes and 1:1 sessions. Our classes and/or 1:1 sessions connect through Zoom or FaceTime.



In this time together, we'll be guiding you through different movement patterns that will serve as building blocks for your body to be in the best position to withstand the happenings and wear and tear of life! 


You want to sweat? Learn or remember your potential in coordination? Tap into your ability to access a new skillset? Yeah, this is the PLAY time for you.

Foundational Strength

This class focuses on simple yet effective movement patterns that will strengthen your foundation to unlock your movement potential. Through attentive observation and coaching, we will empower you to display complete ownership of your body, all while going through an amazing workout.


This is the space we find and take back our ability to control our breath. We will go over the up regulation and down regulation of our nervous system. Faction Play believes that Breathe is the base of life. Let's make sure our base sound! 

Rocking & Rolling

In our time together we do just that; We ROCK together by utilizing our ability to create appropriate tension through your body and simultaneously. We ROLL together by allowing our body to be fluid in and through movement patterns. Let's ROCK let's ROLL! 

Bodyweight & Super Bands

Within this time together, the primary focus will be on moving through and strengthening your everyday patterns. Using just Super bands and your own bodyweight we will appropriately load sed patterns. If you are looking to add more strength and endurance to your movements, this is absolutely the Playtime for you! 

Slow and Controlled

During this time together we will be focusing on positional awareness and ownership with emphasis on controlled tempos aka time under tension. This Playtime will not just make you sweat,  it will also provide you with a deeper understanding of joint alignment and give you more control of your vessel! 

Kettlebells & Bodyweight

Within this time of PLAY together, we will be exploring the simple yet complex world of the Kettlebell! A tool that allows one to challenge and evolve their coordination, different areas of strength, durability and mind-body connection. That mixed with your own bodyweight will surely allow you to rediscover or find your deeper inner strength! 


We understand during these times we don't have access to all the equipment. Below are some recommendations and ideas that will enhance your workout experience. Our classes and trainers will let you know the items that will be used for classes/1:1 sessions.