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- Orders are due by Friday at 6pm. Any orders received after 6pm will not be accepted.

- Sorry, no menu customizations.

- Once your order is processed we will send you your invoice via text or email. 

- Payments must be made same day of receiving the invoice or your order will be cancelled. 

- Orders will be ready for pickup by 6pm on Monday at Faction Play's office (315 S. Cesar Chavez Blvd, Dallas, TX, 75201).

This weeks menu

The OG    $20

Preserved nutrient dense veg, viet-cajun grass-fed butter, braised beef in master stock, mushroom medley, haiga rice blend.

Thai Basil Pistachio Pesto    $20

Pasture-raised chicken breast, heritage wheat pasta, preserved tomatoes.

Black Truffle Butter Aioli    $20

Grass-finished beef shank, sautéed kimchi in tallow, mushroom medley. roasted purple mountain yams, black truffle aioli made with avocado oil.

Thai Curry   $20

Panang curry sauce, menma, steamed brassica, braised beef in master stock, haiga rice blend.

Not Pho   $20

Pho spices, 18 hour bone broth, smoked chile dashi, pasture-raised chicken, seasonal veg, haiga rice blend.

Ragu   $20

Ethiopian spiced gochujang ragu, grass -finished beef, braised brassicas, heritage wheat pasta, parmigiano reggiano.

Tom Kha   $20

Pastured-raised chicken, steamed brassicas, roasted purple mountain yams, mushroom medley, Thai aromatic infused coconut milk bone broth.

Birria   $20

18 hour oxtail, beef neck, and chicken bone broth, spices, braised grass-finished arm roast, seasonal veg, haiga rice blend.

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