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Shyrod Taylor

Wellness Curator & Co-Founder

Shyrod has been fascinated with movement his entire life. It began with his time as a young athlete, participating in just about every sport you can think of. It then evolved on the track as a collegiate runner. It expanded while a love for surfing and street long boarding blossomed on the California coast.


Then it deepened as he obtained NASM, Kettlebell 1, and Kettlebell 2 certifications. This allowed his fascination to grow beyond sport and into day to day living. It sparked his curiosity into how the body holds stress, carries past trauma, and learns behavior patterns. From this space of inquisitiveness, Shyrod employs traditional and non-traditional tools to help others find freedom, strength, and a synergistic relationship within their own bodies.


He is consistently challenged and inspired by the Playmakers at FactionPlay to evolve the systems, tools, and skills at his disposal to help those he serves to be their most optimal selves. You’ll find Shyrod anywhere from breath work, to restorative, strength, and bodyweight training and anywhere in between. Let’s play! 

Contact information

Instagram: shyspage


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