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Playground Guest Sign Up

*For East Quarter Residents and Tenants Only*


Due to the size of East Quarter's private boutique gym and the amount of residents and tenants of the East Quarter who pay to use the gym—these Playground rules below have been put in place to make sure all residents and tenants have enough space and equipment to use during their workout. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Guests must sign the Guest Liability Waiver form before they use the gym.

  • Playground Guest Sign-up Form must be filled out before each use of the gym.

  • Friends (not trainer, coach, etc.) can workout with you for no charge three times a month.

  • Family, partner, significant other who are not listed on your lease can workout with you for no charge twice a week.

  • If the gym has over 10 people working out when the guest comes, then they will need to wait for the gym to empty out or they will need to pay $30 for access and use of equipment. 

Playground Guest Sign-up Form

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